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The Sedna Black adds some extra pop to the dark looks using 18k Sedna Gold components and two small, but noticeable splashes of red. Specifically, the bezel is now in brushed 18k Sedna Gold with a matt ceramic ring inlay and matt chromium nitride tachymeter scale, while the hands and applied indexes are also in Sedna Gold. This proprietary gold alloy of palladium, copper, and at least 75% of gold, is proprietary to Omega: Sedna Gold was specially developed in an attempt to make normal red gold more durable and hence more beautiful in the long run.

While the prominence of 18k rose/red/pink gold is not surprising, I am curious as to why yellow gold seemed to fall out of favor with so many brands. It isn't that you can't get 18k yellow gold watches (Rolex has a few nice ones), but they are much less common compared to alloys like rose gold. Anyhow, the limited edition MB&F LM101 Frost comes in either 18k red gold or yellow gold.

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Some likely reasons for the lowered popularity of the Movado Museum Dial watch in the early 2000s was the fact that it went against emerging tastes. For one thing, it was a small diameter dress-style watch at a time when most men were beginning to gravitate toward larger, sportier watches. Also, most Movado Museum Dial watches contained quartz movements at a time when more and more watch lovers were focusing on mechanical watches. Over the years, Movado experimented with larger diameter Museum Dial watches, sport versions, and even mechanical versions - none with the success of the classic models from the 1990s, which succeeded because of the simple, quartz-based offerings and under ,000 price points.

Seiko is not the only Japanese manufacturer that produces affordable yet well-made mechanical timepieces. There is also Citizen. And Citizen’s Signature collection is one of their higher-end collections that is fast gaining notice around the world. The Grand Classic 9184 is at its heart a dress watch, but manages to look sporty at the same time. It is a contemporary looking piece that anyone who is looking for an versatile watch should check out.

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There are some nice touches with the decoration of this movement. The ratchet wheel is skeletonized and, to add a flash of color, the screws have been blued. The watch itself is available in two colorways: you can either have a black dial on a black leather strap that narrows from 22mm between the lugs to a comfortable 18mm at the S/S pin buckle, or a white dial with blue highlights on a tan strap.

No, none of that happened. The Urwerk UR-1001 Titan began as a special request, as I understand it. The only true part of the above story was that it was most certainly the desire of someone clearly of an insane disposition. One's mans crazy idea is surely an enthusiast community's conversation gold.

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One of the most interesting things about the video is how little time Rolex spends talking about the modern Rolex Datejust watch collection, with just a few brief glimpses of Rolex Datejust models that you can buy today. In a sense, the video is very much an homage to the Datejust product family name and the history of the collection, along with some of its most distinctive features (such as the date window, and later magnifier lens over the date window).

Setting up the Apple Watch is pretty simple, but so are most other smartwatches. What is different here is that you are really connecting two things which are meant to live together in the same ecosystem (Apple Watch and iPhone). The effect of this is that you automatically get all the Apple Watch apps that are available for the apps you have on your phone installed on the watch. The Apple Watch can also by default mirror settings on your phone so that you don't need to set preferences or do things twice. Last, and perhaps most important, is that I noticed that the Bluetooth connection between the Apple Watch and my iPhone was incredible.

For those not aware, Snoopy, the dog from Charles Schulz's pop comic strip Peanuts, was co-opted by NASA as their safety mascot for the Apollo program. The Silver Snoopy award was given out by NASA to those who contributed towards the safety and success of the Apollo missions. In 1970, Omega was awarded the Silver Snoopy for their role in the Apollo program and this new Omega Speedmaster Apollo 13 Silver Snoopy Award Limited Edition watch commemorates their role and the eventual safe return of the Apollo crew on April 17th, 1970.

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A recent brouhaha involving Bremont Watch Company has thrown this opinionated side of the collecting hobby into stark relief. Ultimately, we strive to be informed consumers, and we deserve honest information and respect from the brands that we patronize. The recent issue with Bremont rubbed a lot of people the wrong way, as it made us question whether we were being told the truth. Maybe you were one of those people. In many ways, a certain amount of skepticism is healthy, but after watching from the sidelines for some time, it seems to me that so much dust has been kicked up that the issue has become clouded, and I get the sense that some people are unable to see the forest for the trees. The laser-like focus that we are prone to have as obsessive enthusiasts does not serve us well when considering larger, more complex issues. With that in mind, let’s take a step back for a moment, and take another look at Bremont Watch Company.

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The new escapement is nickel-phosphorous, rendering it insensitive to magnetic interferences. We did inquire about more exact details and what we learned is that the 3255 movement – without a soft-iron casing to protect it – should still be resistant to magnetic fields of over 1,000 Gauss (and hence just about as antimagnetic as Rolex's Milgauss). The balance wheel itself has also been updated; it still features a Parachrom hairspring (as opposed to using Rolex's Syloxi silicon hairspring), manufactured by Rolex in an exclusive alloy of niobium and zirconium. Insensitive to magnetic fields, the Parachrom hairspring is said to offer great stability in the face of temperature variations and remain up to 10 times more precise than a traditional hairspring in case of shocks.

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Then, we’ll need to check the hairspring, it should be dead flat from every angle, and the coils should be exactly the same width apart. You see, it’s pinned in the middle at the collet and then it’s pinned at the outside, so you can actually manipulate it, because it has two points, but it’s a bit of a nightmare to do that - I’ve got one in there that looks like a bird's nest.

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Affordable Hand-Engraved Watch Movements By Artur Akmaev Feature Articles

Here at aBlogtoWatch, we hear from at least 1-2 crowd-funded wrist watch project owners per week and sometimes more. Most are very simple timepieces that we would not consider for editorial coverage, but once in a while, there is something cool. We know the types of suppliers they use and the limits on the quality they can achieve through working in this manner. Personally, we recommend to conservative buyers that while pre-ordering a watch can be a fulfilling experience, there should be some idea of what the final product is going to look and be like. Companies with a track record of successful products who turn to crowd funding are more likely to produce a nice watch than someone totally new.

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Inside the Arnold & Son CTB Chronograph is the in-house made caliber A&S7103 automatic movement. The automatic rotor spins on ceramic ball bearings and it has a power reserve of about 50 hours, operating at 4Hz (28,800). The movement is further slightly dark gray in its finishing, which is attractive. Arnold & Son still lacks some of the extremely fine hand-finished look of some of its competitors, instead offering movements that are a bit more machine-decorated in look. But there is still a lot of hand finishing and, of course, assembly.

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Eventually, Jean-Claude Biver wanted to slow down a bit and transitioned to being the Chairman of Hublot and installed his long-time number two man Ricardo Gaudalupe as the CEO. And just when people thought Jean-Claude Biver was going to retire to enjoy his success and cheese making, he decided to oversee the entire watch making operation at LVMH that included Hublot, Zenith, and TAG Heuer. Oddly enough, that didn’t include the Louis Vuitton watch company or Bulgari.

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For 2015, MCT presents their second major watch collection - the Frequential One, as a new piece next to the existing Sequential One and Sequential Two watch families. The MCT Frequential One F110 also represents a new entry-level price-point for the brand, coming in at about half the price of a Sequential Two S200 timepiece. With a movement that is more traditional than the Sequential series, the Frequential One nevertheless, offers an exciting and highly visual mechanical experience for those looking to wear a luxury watch that is clearly outside of what one might consider ordinary.

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So much information people access on their phones is available much more easily on the Apple Watch. This includes basic stuff like the time, to other facts such as weather data, directions, alarms, etc... My hope is that the Apple Watch will allow people to spend less time on their phones and more time paying attention to the world around them. I have a feeling that people go to their phones to check for something basic and then end up being honked at by drivers behind them because they are staring at Facebook on their phone in their lap and not paying attention to that green light in front of them.

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Ball Trainmaster Kelvin Watch Review

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