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JWLRYMACHINE, Pink: 18K Pink Gold/Titanium and Quartz

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These are great looking classy timepieces with a beautiful mechanical spirit and high, Seiko quality. Japanese in spirit, the Men's Automatic watch collection hearken back to the mid 20th century in terms of design and function, with enough modern elements to make them highly relevant for today's watch lovers. Price for the 2010 Men's Automatic watches starts at 9, but this top of the line model retails for 0.

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This is a very interesting and nice to look at women's watch from Van Cleef & Arpels. If I was a woman, then I would likely start saving up for one. Pennies, nickles, and dimes until I reached 6,000. The watch is the Pont des Amoureux, which means lover's bridge. The complication makes it such that the two figurines  connect at midnight for a "kiss." This was no easy task actually. Check out this image of the watch internals. Just a small part of this area is dedicated to the manually wound mechanical movement. The rest is for the complex retrograde minute and hour hands.  The watch is also in 18k white gold, with lots of diamonds, and the dial is totally hand painted. A real piece of art work with what Van Cleef & Aprels calls a "poetic complication" - how sweet.

One of the coolest watches of the last few years didn't see its proper level of greatness because it was too expensive. At over 0,000 (retailed at about 78,000 euros) the Porsche Design Indicator remained a beautiful and fundamentally superior design that you could only appreciate from a distance. Eterna, who makes all the watches for Porsche Design, still makes 2-4 of the Indicator watches per a year, but on request only. The watch is limited to 50 pieces, so eventually they will be all out. Let's take a quick peak at this watch. You can also get them online, with a few available costing in the 0,000 range. Original retail was at least ,000 more than that.

From the side the watch looks too much like a Kukri blade - the 'cutting edge' of Nepal. I wonder if the Nepalese people have to deal with any Cobra snakes. Probably not any Urwerk King Cobras. The UR-CC1 is limited to just 5o pieces, so models showing up there is an unlikely proposition. The strange shape of the watch does help with its wrist resting. It is actually quite massive and heavy given its gold case. Available in a gray or black gold alloy, the case looks like a bent rectangle - though it does have its ergonomic charms.

High quality
Partly circular grained base plate and Geneva waves
Polished screw heads, chamfered slots
Pegs with polished rounded ends

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JC de Castelbajac Lego Watch Collection Watch Releases
Rare 1996 Lego Systems Wrist Watch New Battery Working 100 feet Water Resistance
Time Remaining: 1h 34m

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The functions of the watch are laid out nicely, and I like the design of the applied gold ring or semi rings in the dial. The dial itself comes in silver or black, and I hear is a pain in the ass to engrave. Louis Moinet had to located the right supplier that could do the signature "Louis Moinet sunburst" design on the dial (and automatic rotor). It looks really good, and I am glad that Louis Moinet went to the effort of finding someone who could do it. The hands are all really thin and mean to look like Jules Verne era industrial gauges. The thin arrow hour and minute hands appear clear as day in some lighting situations, and blend in with the face in other situations. This is a quirk with the dial that makes it less that legible in certain lighting situations, but it still always look so good. From an artistic standpoint the dial is beautiful. Though like the issue with the hands, there are some other readability problems. The dial has no lume, and the small gold dots on the minute scale look like that are supposed to be hour indicators, but actually aren't. They are placed between the hours. The minute indicators double as hour indicators. This can be a bit confusing to the eye sometimes. What really does help legibility is the properly sized hands in terms of length, and the dial is still very useful given all that is going on. Even with these quirks, the dial provides so much visual pleasure (not to mention compliments) that it is hard to resist wearing it often.

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Matte rubber bracelet with openings allow water to be released --from the bracelet.
Highly water resistant, shock resistant, light resistant, UV resistant composite material.


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There are probably over a dozen models of the available right now. There are chronograph versions, small seconds version, perpetual calendars, power reserve models, and ones with fanciful timezone reference cities such as the 24 Hour Shopping version for the ladies. I focused on the chronograph versions as they have a particularly chic look. Plus the newest version in ceramic is really awesome. That is the Girard Perregaux Shadow. It is basically the same as the standard Financial version but in an all ceramic case and it has a Flyback style chronograph. All the men's watches are 43mm wide. The ceramic case of the Shadow is incredible. Usually ceramic cases are made in modern or different looking styles, but Girard Perregaux took the standard shape of the watch in did it in ceramic. They could have done PVD steel, or a DLC coating, but they opted for the more complex ceramic. It is done in a brushed finish (not shiny), so it doesn't look like something from Chanel. The ceramic is light, hard, and very tough to scratch.

This Chronograph Modern comes with an interesting strap which is black canvas-like fabric with a leather lining. It has a fold over deployment clasp. For smaller wrists like mine the placement of the deployment make it jab into your wrist a bit when worn tightly. The design of it makes it seem as though this isn't an issue for larger wrists. Plus, changing the deployment or going with another one isn't a problem. Maurice de Mauriac also offers other straps options, as well as a metal bracelet. The watch looks cool on a NATO strap as well in my opinion.

For a few years now, Frederique Constant has been in cahoots with the UK based Healey Challenge. An annual race operated by the Healey Drivers Club. What does Frederique Constant get do in this scene? Well make special limited edition watches that might be of interesting ti the Healey divers. I actually wrote about their last offering here, the most basic Frederique Constant Austin Healey watch. That was a three-handed model where this is a chronograph. Really when I think of race or motorcar themed watches, they have chronograph mechanisms. Thankfully Frederique Constant didn't insert the passe tachymetre scale on the bezel. Finally someone realizes that not all car oriented watches have to look like an Omega Speedmaster or Tag Heuer Carrera.

The movement is one of the most respected measures of quality for watches. The Khaki Pilot runs on an the Swiss, 25 jewel, 2836-2 calibre made by ETA. The 2836 offers a hack function, which stops the seconds hand while the crown is pulled to the time-setting position. While this is quite common in today's automatic movements, it was once an important technological advancement for pilots, as it made the important task of synchronizing watches possible. I still find this feature useful when setting my watch to the Weather Channel's time in order to be in sync with the train schedule. Geeky, I know.

Saying "lower-end" is a bit of a misnomer. The Cartier Roadster S still starts at ,200, high roller figures to many. At the same time, a Cartier watch is worth saving up for compared to many other timepieces. Cartier makes a pretty polished watch. They have been doing so for a while, and mistakes they make in design are few and far between. Serious watch lovers are going to be most interested in pieces like their new Calibre collection that includes a brand new in-house made automatic movement, but Roadster fans will like this new watch. The Roadster S is certainly a Roadster, but a scaled down version. Further, people who find the original Roadster watch to be a bit strange in design will like the Roadster S. It retains the same shape, but with a different personality. I tend to think of it is a good "starter Cartier." It is not going to be easy to go from higher-end Cartier to the Roadster S, but the opposite situation in easily feasible. Nevertheless, the watch is a simple, yet highly satisfying timepiece for the vast majority of watch wearers.

You either appreciate the style or it is just too much for you. The style of the watch reminds me of some Citizen Campanola watches, which in my opinion do the look more justice. Then again, this is just an early render, so who is to judge something that hasn't been completed yet. The project is being led (and was started) by Vincent Plomb - whose last name I wish was "Bomb," cause it would sound like a good title for a guy who would wear this watch - Baron von Bomb.

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When I met with someone from Watchismo to first check the 666 Barcelona watch collection, I quickly wanted to get a question I had out of the way. On the 666 Barcelona page on the Watchismo website, there is a small story about how the retailer learned about the brand by literally stumbling upon it while in Spain during a walk down a busy street. As the story goes, the brothers who run Watchismo saw the collection in a storefront, and later learned that the brand was locally distributed only. The cool, modern styles of the brand fit their tastes and eShop well, and soon after they brought the brand aboard.

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