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Ah yes, the rules of fashion. Nuts to those! They are meant to be broken and challenged by style.

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While I don't claim to know any specifics about Bamford's history with Rolex, I know that Rolex - like many companies - is diligent in protecting their products, intellectual property, and business practices. Whether or not they like or agree with what Bamford Watch Department and its competitors do, they have a duty to their own rights, to assert them or potentially lose them. In fact, what Rolex has which is most valuable in addition to its trademark is their signature mark of quality. Most watch designs are not protected by any intellectual property rights and Rolex must vehemently defend against everything that erodes or confuses consumer understanding about their products. Intentionally or not, Bamford does this, and unfortunately, it wouldn't be the same business for George if he took the Rolex logo off the Rolex watches he modifies.

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Savoy Watch Winder Safe No. 3 Mixes Modern & Vintage Parts For 5,000 Luxury Items

Roughly the size of a last-gen Ford Fusion, the Bugatti Veyron is not a huge car, but it has an amazing amount of presence, especially when you approach it with the intention of cracking a door and dropping into one of the body-hugging bucket seats.

Having said that, not all watches are created equally, even though timepieces made today are far more durable than ever. When it comes down to it each individual watch has its own level of durability, and watch brands and retailers should be aware that consumers need to be notified how to wear their watches.

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The Omega Aqua Terra, resistant to magnetic fields up to 15,000 Gauss

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Ariel and I talked, scoping out what each of us was wearing (Hublot for Ariel of course, Glashuette Panomatic Lunar for myself). Once the event started, people started filtering in. After that, the event was a blur of good scotch, great timepieces and even better conversations. It was great to meet people of all walks of life who wanted to celebrate Ariel and, of course, watches in general. There was the couple from NYC (he wearing a Daytona, her without a watch) who were driving back across the country. The very nice people from F.P Journe, Orient, & Ernst Benz, in addition to countless watch writers, distributors and owners, it was a stellar collection of amazing people. After a long night, we grabbed some late dinner and I retired to the hotel.

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Savoy has restored and enhanced the original safe by refitting the interior with cabinetry and watch winders, in partnership with Scatola del Tempo. The "lifestyle watch safe" segment is growing increasingly competitive, and companies need to find innovative and emotionally charged ways of getting collectors interested in places to store their timepieces. This is an important point because even though watch winders and watch safes are useful, consumers aren't nearly as interested in them as they are the watches themselves. It, therefore, requires a lot of effort and creativity to produce high-end watch safes that collectors feel compelled to take interest in.

I've written a lot about the Ulysse Nardin Freak watch collection over the years, and this isn't my first Freak watch review. Several years ago, in 2011, I reviewed the higher-end Ulysse Nardin Freak Diavolo watch (which in a different color was later called the Ulysse Nardin Freak Phantom). The Freak Diavolo and Phantom are currently the most high-end Freak models because they include tourbillons in the movements as part of the in-house produced caliber UN-208 movements. A valid argument could be made that, while cool, adding a tourbillon to the Freak concept is sort of overkill. In monetary terms, the different in price between a Freak watch with tourbillon and this Ulysse Nardin Freak Cruiser is a cool ,000.

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All of this is made possible by the self-winding calibre MB29.20. Earlier, I mentioned that the Montblanc Heritage Spirit Obris Terrarium has an in-house developed worldtime complication, and I say this because the base of the movement comes from Sellita, with the worldtime function being added using a module. The module, however, is developed completely by Montblanc, and from what we have heard, is not just a simple sandwich job. Rather, the complication is integrated into the movement, which could also explain why the Montblanc Heritage Spirit Orbis Terrarum is just 12mm and not thicker, as some of the other watches with modular complications are. The MB29.20 beats at 4Hz and has a power reserve of 42 hours.

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Therefore, if you are the owner or employee of a watch company, and are involved in the launch of a new product, be mindful of the definitions laid forth in this article. If you are found to be using misleading terms to describe the origin of your movements, you will not be able to claim ignorance of what "in-house" means, since we have given you rather simple guidelines. Do you work with outside suppliers? That's fine. Celebrate the quality partners you work with, and make it clear that, as a company, you are interested in getting the best components from the best suppliers. There is nothing wrong with that. All we want is for watch companies to respect the consumers who actually care what movements are in their watches, and not create a difficult-to-remedy situation where consumers feel misled. Now, get back to making some great in-house or outside watches and movements.

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When I first met Kevin, he was wearing a watch that has become particularly popular for those transcending the line of being a lover of mainstream luxury watch brands to the more exclusive realm of the independent watch maker. The entry point into F.P. Journe is the wonderfully simple and beautifully blue-dialed Chronometre Bleu. Mr. Journe, of course, couldn't produce just a basic watch for his entry-level piece, so he decided to make the three-hand Chronometre Bleu with a tantalum case (that looks a lot like tungsten) and unique metallic blue dial. The movement is, of course, in gold and remarkably attractive. You won't see Kevin Rose wearing an 18k rose gold Rolex or a diamond-decorated Chopard. That isn't his style, neither is it the type of so many of today's most important emerging watch collectors. For Rose, watch collecting seems to be all about discovering timeless beauty in items of strong inherent value that tantalize his love of things that work well.

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Richard Mille RM63-01 Dizzy Hands Watch Hands-On

For one, in the 5175R-001 there is an alarm whereas the alarm chimes the set time (say, for 8:15 it chimes 8 hours and one quarter-hour tone), and second, a date repeater function. That's right, a repeater that chimes the date: after pressing the button at the 4 o'clock position it will chime a combination of high and low tones for every 10 days, and then it will chime the single digits as it would chime the minutes. Therefore, the Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime 5175 is not only true to its name, but it may very well be the most complicated chiming wristwatch ever made.

Even though I fully admit that in many instances G-Shock watches look more attractive in a mainstream way with analog dials, I feel that they are a step backwards in regard to functionality and simplicity in comparison to digital screen dials. So in a sense, G-Shock went "analog" for vanity - you simply can't win when wanting something ultra durable and sexy, it seems.

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Richard Mille makes some of the craziest watches, the RM 35-01 Rafael Nadal NTPT Carbon watch is a good example of what can happen when Richard Mille takes things to the most extreme. And one of their standout pieces at SIHH 2015 is actually a woman’s watch. I’m  referring to the RM 19-02 Tourbillon Fleur. Sure, the diamonds might not be to everyone's tastes,  but that tourbillon and that opening magnolia is just mesmerizing to behold.

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aBlogtoWatch (ABTW): Who are you, and what is your relationship to the watch industry?

I am quite excited to see more and more quality Android Wear and other smartwatch devices such as the Apple Watch enter the market and offer consumers a variety of choice when it comes to what they want to see when the screens of their smartwatches are activated. It will also be a huge business opportunity for those who are able to produce the best watch faces as well as traditional watch brands that want to make their distinctive designs as popular as possible. Perhaps just as interesting is the promise of automated variety in your smartwatch dials. For instance a new Android Wear app called "FaceLift" (still in beta testing at the time of writing) automatically changes the watch face on your smartwatch device without having to go in there and change the settings. With apps like FaceLift - and the rest that will follow - many people will have the ability to enjoy a great variety of styles on their wrist without having to do anything extra.

Canvas Poster Is Another Reason To Attend Bulova Watches Event In Los Angeles On November 20th 2014

Canvas Poster Is Another Reason To Attend Bulova Watches Event In Los Angeles On November 20th 2014

Local time is shown by the standard hour and minute hands and is set via the crown, while the second time zone is set using the dual pushers, allowing for a quick advance or retreat of the second zone hours (not unlike the dual timezone functions from Ulysses Nardin or Glashutte Original). There is a date display at six which can be corrected using a flush button in the left case side. This type of second timezone feature is generally most useful for those who need to track a second timezone from home, rather than those who are traveling and want to update the local time for their new location.

What this means for many watch buyers is that people need to be much more considerate with their purchase choices. The majority of watch collectors today are buying fewer watches and being smarter with their money. This inherently also means saving up for new watches, and selling watches in order to fund new purchases.

While I can’t say that the new “Harmony” name is particularly outstanding, Vacheron Constantin’s brand new family of watches is something that impressed us at SIHH 2015. According to Vacheron Constantin, the Harmony collection of watches with their cushion-shaped cases are inspired by a Vacheron Constantin timepiece from the 1920s. 2015 sees exclusively limited edition Harmony collection timepieces, but moving forward, we understand the Harmony collection of watches will be offered in non-limited edition models as part of the main Vacheron Constantin production range. The most impressive of the new Harmony models is the Vacheron Constantin Harmony Ultra-Thin Grande Complication Chronograph ref. 5400S/000P-B057, which is a real enthusiast’s delight.