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Greubel Forsey GMT Watch In Platinum Hands-On Hands-On

Comparable to fine watch movements, Bob only uses parts which are absolutely necessary for the construction and operation of the piece: no superfluous components are added for the sake of decoration or enhanced "flare." With that said, Potts will not hide the fact that he is inspired by found objects and that he has done "a lot of dumpster diving." And while his pieces appear to have been designed up to the slightest details in advance of their actual assembly, he says that most of his projects have greatly changed and evolved while already in the process of their creation.

Now, I know you've seen watches compared with spaceships in the past, and I'd agree - because I too have read any post about Urwerk. The difference is that if I made a spaceship that looked like the Dream Watch 5, with no prior knowledge of what spaceships (real or imagined) tend to look like, it would be a job well done. In fact, De Bethune may have found inspiration in a very specific spaceship from pop culture. Also important to note is that the version seen here is a prototype and, according to De Bethune, it's too small. The final version will be larger on the wrist.



De Bethune DB28 Digitale Watch Hands-On Hands-On

RH: Watchmaking was always first on the map, and I love being able to do it now. But I had to bide my time for 20 years until my vision started to be achievable. The real triggers were the nanoWatt technologies that allowed complex electronics to run off a coin cell, and the innovation of building watch movements out of tiny stepper motors mounted on a printed circuit board backbone. Suddenly I realized I could actually fulfill my vision. That was a couple of years back. There's been a lot of perspiration since, making it come true.

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The main inspiration drawn from that clock looks to be the color scheme, which is at once easily readable, especially with the last 15 minutes of the  countdown bezel marked out in yellow hashes (those hashes remind me safety markings on a plane, as well).

Unique Skeletonized Watches By Molnar Fabry: Hands-On And Workshop Visit Inside the Manufacture

If you recall, back in 2011 Hublot's genius designer Mathias Buttet recreated the ancient Greek calendar device into a wrist watch. I was at the official unveiling of the movement, and I have to admit that what Mathias did was really cool. Last year in 2013, Hublot released a limited edition watch inspired by the original Antikythera timepiece known as the Hublot MP-08 Antikythera SunMoon (hands-on here). Apparently, exploration work continues on the ship wreck where the ancient device was found.

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The resulting watch is a surprise-release from Rolex with the first dive watch dial with non-straight forward color that will certainly fuel some heated discussions among fans of the brand. Pricing for the Rolex Deepsea D-Blue Dial watch is ,350 — a slight premium over the ,050 price of the standard Rolex Deepsea watch — and it is expected to be available by the second week of August.

For a 2014 novelty piece however, which is to officially debut in January at the watch expo SIHH, they decided to have another take on this lovely, but ages old complication. To put it briefly, they did it in what I would call a distinctly Lange-way: they chose the long and hard way of not just slightly re-designing, but actually re-engineering it. I was invited by Lange to attend their pre-SIHH event at their headquarters in Glashütte, Germany and I went hands-on with the Grand Lange 1 Moon Phase, the piece that elevates this complication to another level for the Saxonian manufacture.

Hublot Big Bang Ferrari New Ceramic, Titanium, And Gold Watch Models For 2014 Hands-On Hands-On

Rolex Day Date II

Arnold & Son DSTB Watch Hands-On Hands-On

What we can say is that the reason most of these aftermarket watches are expensive is that the real watches need to be first purchased (at more than wholesale prices) and then modified. For that reason, a black-coated Rolex will often cost a lot more than a standard Rolex. Sometimes a lot more. Also, be careful about whether or not the modified watch is new or used. Some modifiers try to keep costs down by modifying pre-owned timepieces. This isn't a bad idea per se, but you should be aware of what you are getting into.

The similarly named Alpina 130 Heritage Pilot Automatic Chronograph is one seen on a lot of press material lately. This 41.5mm bi-compax chronograph is available in both gold and stainless steel. The vintage dial might seem a bit asynchronous when the watch is flipped over to observe the movement and modern-looking Alpina rotor. The watch works well as a whole so I’m willing to give that a pass.

William Baldwin Celebrates 130 Years Of Alpina Watches In The Cayman Islands Hands-On
Alpina 130 Heritage Pilot Automatic Chronograph
William Baldwin Celebrates 130 Years Of Alpina Watches In The Cayman Islands Hands-On
Alpina 130 Heritage Pilot Automatic Chronograph

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Manchester United Gets Bulova As Official Timekeeper And Global Watch Partner

Manchester United Gets Bulova As Official Timekeeper And Global Watch Partner

A. Lange & Söhne Limited Edition Automatic Timepieces For Watches & Wonders Fair Watch Releases

Not that this comes as a surprise to many people, but this watch is the first time anyone has combined a tourbillon movement with real bullets. Yes, Swiss Artya's founder Yvan Arpa has finally ventured into creating an unholy union of delicate watch making and destruction with the Son of a Gun Tourbillon timepiece. A large portion of aBlogtoWatch readers who prefer more conservative fare such as products from Patek Philippe or Rolex balk at the notion that we even cover brands like Artya. Yes, they've written us and commented on posts suggesting that these are perhaps not the most prudent items to recommend purchasing. We think they are missing the point on why we get excited about featuring timepieces of this ilk.

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Glashütte Original Seventies Panorama Date Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

As a limited edition, Hublot presents the Big Bang Atomic D-38, the first ever wrist watch produced from the radioactive material uranium. According to Hublot, the company wanted to produce something that no one else has done or would do. Their desire was to exhibit the type of risk-taking audacity Hublot clients have come to expect from the brand. Without holding back, it was decided to use a secret resource owned by the brand.

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I don't necessarily know why dive-style watches are the most common indie watches out there, but they certainly are. Watch guys love the idea of creating their own ultimate tool watch, which often takes the form of a diver. The Tempest Viking certainly epitomizes the concept of one person wanting to throw in as many ideal features as possible. There really is a lot to the Viking, and it is rather unlike much of the competition. That starts with the uniquely designed, massive 45mm wide case.

Hublot designed the movement inside of the Hublot MP-05 LaFerrari watch - which is part of the brands "Masterpiece" collection (thus "MP") - to roughly resemble the engine bay of the actual LaFerrari car - a limited edition Ferrari that looks pretty spectacular (and is more than likely totally sold out). The movement is quite literally mostly mainspring, and the many barrels that populate the center are key to its performance. At the lower end of the stack is a tourbillon-style escapement which is vertically positioned and visible through a window at the bottom part of the case.

The moral to the story is to really appreciate a watch like this, you need to see it, feel it, wear it and learn about it. This watch has a lot going for it, especially for the asking price.  As it turns out, I would spend my hard earned money on this watch.  And, with all the color combinations available, I'll bet I'll never see another one just like it. That's the icing on the cake! Thanks again Ariel Adams and Mark Carson.

Omega Speedmaster Co-Axial Chronograph Titanium Blue Watch Hands-On

Omega Speedmaster Co-Axial Chronograph Titanium Blue Watch Hands-On

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In the 1960s, Seiko released its first Astron-named watch that was both legendendary and infamous in the watch world. While a few other companies were working on quartz movement technology, the Seiko Astron was the first commercially released quartz watch (something that was wonderful to the industry, though highly disruptive to traditional mechanical watchmakers). A few years ago, Seiko released a modern version of the first Astron watch as a limited edition, but the name was quickly adopted for a new generation of innovative timepieces with the 2012 Astron.  Technically, this new watch is just called "Astron," which in my opinion, is confusing. I feel that a better option would be to call it the Astron GPS, or something similar to help distinguish it.

2. Girard-Perregaux 1966 Ultra-Thin 41mm Watch Review

ABTW: Given the relatively affordable price point, it's a safe bet that you ended up with your grail.  When did you finally haul it in?